AnySend offers a really fast and easy way of sharing files
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AnySend is a simple little tool that offers a really fast and easy way of sharing files. One of the most important advantages offered by this tiny application is the fact that it allows sharing even huge files of up to 17 TB. You won’t have to waste time and split large files into smaller pieces in order to be able to send them over the Internet. AnySend can send files regardless of their sizes.

Another positive trait of this program is its simplicity. In order to share a file, dragging it over the program’s interface (depicted as an air balloon) is enough. The file will be automatically uploaded on the AnySend’s website and the download link of that file will be provided to you. Then you can give the download link to anyone who you want to get that file. As you can see, sharing files using this tool is truly simple and convenient. Furthermore, sharing entire folders is also possible.

I also like about this tool that it allows the receiver to download the files without having to install and use AnySend. It’s convenient and handy in every little aspect and I recommend it with all my heart, especially since it’s also free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Really simple-to-use
  • Decent transfer speed
  • Can transfer very large files


  • Doesn't include an option to scan the transferred files for viruses and other malware
  • Doesn't include an option to preview the transferred images
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